Privacy Policy

This website,, is owned and managed solely by it its author, Jeffrey M. Kunka, Ph.D. Its purpose is to identify and promote links to software created and/or programmed by the author and to showcase a few examples of his freelance graphic design work. It was designed as simply as possible to ensure the privacy of its visitors.

Does this website employ cookies? The author does not install either temporary or persistent cookies onto a visitor’s computer or mobile device. The WordPress content-management system employed to display the webpages may employ temporary cookies in order to identify and adjust how these are presented to accommodate the visitor’s device.

Does this website collect any personal data? This website employs no third-party analytics software, so the identity and activity of visitors to the website remain entirely anonymous. It does not include a contact form into which a visitor is asked or required to submit any personal information (e.g., an email contact address). The websites to which the links provided here are directed are subject to their own specific privacy policies.